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George Pegios

Dental Treatment at Its Very Best

Are you looking for a perfect fit for your dental treatment and implant? Are you keen on having back your enchanting smiles stolen by your teeth defects? Are you in dire need of competent hands and awesome brain to make your dream teeth a stunning reality? Is your discomfort in life bordering on teeth issues?


The moment of refreshing and relief you have been anticipating is here. Welcome to the world of Dr. George Pegios, offering you a luxury of dental opportunities and abilities. Settling for Dr. George Pegios is settling for proven and time-tested expertise, professionalism, efficiency, astuteness and ethical maturity. His intense desire to earn his patients their desired results keep him on his toes, exploring all available possibilities and opportunities to make their confidence in him worth it.


Meet Your Resourceful and Reliable

Dr. George Pegios, a trained, certified and vastly experienced dentist, is currently serving as the CEO of Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry where he is doing his utmost to make a success out of every dental operation and treatment. He is professional both technically and ethnically which helped him build long-lasting and healthy relationship with his patients most of whom recommend his excellent service for others


Get Yourself A Long-lasting and Effective Dental Implant

Dental Implant has proven over the few years to be an effective solution to sundry teeth problems like teeth discolouration and breakdown, missing and failing teeth, awkward spacing, teeth decay, chipping or cracking and the like, thus creating the difficulty in biting, eating, drinking cold substance, decay, sharp and lingering pain, incoherence and so on.


Dr. George Pegios is well-equipped to solve all these seemingly knotty problems. In the light of this, Dr. George will recommend dental implant which implies that the artificial roots usually made of titanium, will be used to replace one or several or all the teeth. In the case of badly damaged teeth, worn and missing teeth, he will resort to full mouth reconstruction which entails removing all the existing dysfunctional teeth and replacing them with porcelain ceramic crowns.


Beautify Your Face With Natural Smiles

Moreover, Dr. Pegios will come up with a custom-made crown for each damaged tooth such that it matches in size and shape to the surrounding teeth, affording you the enduring opportunity to smile heartily and confidently not having to worry in social functions. Sparkling white, evenly arranged set of teeth add beauty and charm to one's smiles and grins. You can bank on Dr. George Pegios to gift you this juicy experience.