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 Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry

The expert in dental implants with numerous awards and certifications. He has given conferences across the globe from the USA to the Asia. He has 1000s of happy patients. 

When not practicing dentistry he enjoy the finer things in life. He also the owner of Owner, Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry in Sydney.

As far as being a dentist is concerned, George is one of the best dentists in the industry and Sydney for sure, has ample experience in and certified on different areas, he has specialized in cosmetic, implant and sedation dentistry.  His long career in dentistry has been a phenomenal and gratifying, challenging, and fulfilling along with a number of qualifications and honors under his belt.

Geoege Pegios Bio

Many years in dentistry

George has won numerous awards and certifications throughout his career. Many patients contacted in the heat of teeth problems and he quickly addressed the issue. The outcome has always been favorable. In this next page is a bio of dentist George Pegios. It describes his career and highlights of his greatest moments on dentistry life.

George Pegios  Implant Specialist

George Pegios - Best Implant Dentistry Medical Practice in Australia


Even though many people take really good care of the teeth and dental hygiene the still get teeth problems like decay, cavities and maybe dental plaque that is not easy to fix. Not so long ago the only option people had when they had teeth problems was extraction, they now have implants as an option with George Pegios of The Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry which stive and are proud to provide quality Implant Dentistry Medical Practice in Sydney, Australia. 

George Pegios – Explains What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the perfect replacement for teeth. They are artificial roots that are permanent based teeth. This is the perfect replacement for people who do not have teeth or not a candidate for bridges. When compared to other options like bridges, crowns, and bridges, dentals are a better looking and more effective for the long tern route for patients who suffer teeth loss, failing teeth or really bad chronic dental problems.

Juicy Benefits of Dental Implants

It will interest you to know that dental implants are made in such a way that it looks and feels like your natural teeth. With proper care and adequate maintenance, dental implants lasts long for a period of six to seven years. Just like your natural teeth, you can eat with ease, chew food better and smile confidently in any social functions without the fear of having it pulling off. With the improvement in implant technology and techniques, its success rate has increased drastically.


More than the usual amount of years that a normal dentist spends on his career. George Pegios has certifications and is a considered a qualified dentist with a specialty in dental implants. He is advocating and conducted seminars on tooth decay, crooked, discoloring, worn out, broken, missing teeth and dental complications of all sorts. George goes out of way to make sure have a well being using all kinds of methods and procedures that has warranted exceptional results in many countries like Singapore, US, Australia and New Zealand.


George Pegios is also the CEO of Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry, it offers cosmetic services on teeth, sedation and it’s specialty of Dental Implant. George has restored many people’s lives that never couldn’t even smile because they were embarrassed because of what people might say or think.


George Pegios Explains why dental implants, the way are to go.

Dentals implants are referred as to a metal objects that is implanted by certified dental implant expert that is placed beneath one’s gums. They act as replacements for tooth roots. They are made up of titanium or other precious metal design for the human body. They are made to match a person’s normal teeth size. There are many benefits to dental implants like appearance, better speech, permanent effects, convenient, long lasting, and technology driven. Dental implants can usually take around 1 hour to implement producing great results for a long time.

The best Cosmetic Dentistry in Australia

Dr George Pegios and Associates offers tooth coloured filing, tooth whitening, all porcelain inlays and outlays, porcelain luminates/ veneeers and replacement of missing teeth. He offers many other personalized services for people who have demanding needs.

There has been much improvement in the way dental implants have been progressing in recent years. It's pretty much a screw drilled into your jaw. It give you the real effect you'll ever have to a real tooth.